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Overdraft Protection is here for you!

Have you ever made an error on your account balance and inadvertently overspent? Been unable to make a deposit on time? Or just found yourself a little short on funds? At one time of another, most of us have found ourselves in a potential overdraft situation. And overdraft charges can add up very quickly.

At LAFCU, we understand-and we value our members. That's why there's Overdraft Protection. It's a privilege of LAFCU membership that covers your overdraft checks, saving you the expense and embarrassment of having your checks returned unpaid-or ending up on a bad check list.

How does it work?
Overdraft Protection is simple-as long as you maintain your account in good standing. LAFCU will pay your overdraft checks-up to a maximum of $1500-rather than returning them. You will incur a non-sufficient fund fee, but checks paid by Overdraft Protection save you the expense of having to pay an additional fee from the merchant.

You are privileged!
No applications to fill out-if you're a LAFCU member and have a checking account, you may request Overdraft Protection. Simply ask any Member Service representative to activate this convenient service for you-and start enjoying another privilege of membership!

Call 517.622.6600 to get started!