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LAFCU is committed to a culture of respect and belonging for our members, employees and community. We aim to provide an environment where we all feel safe and seen. We are intentional in creating and supporting that space.

In the community we serve, we create and support initiatives that are reflective of the belief in being diverse, equitable, and inclusive.


LAFCU has a DEI team made up of staff and management to ensure that we remain transformative in this work. This committee has a mission statement and core principles which guide accountability at each level of our organization. We recently launched a four-week unveiling of our DEI tenets to ensure that it is woven through our DNA at LAFCU. Our new employees attend a DEI onboarding to learn about our culture and expectations for being a teammate. So, come Join Us! as a credit union member and a LAFCU team member!

Join Us as we share our DEI Logo creation story with you:

This concept combines three elements to symbolize diversity, equity, and inclusion. It represents, as a whole, the growth of a flower. A flower cannot grow and develop without the help of others as we all depend on each other (as does a flower) to create the beautiful flower that is our humanity. It’s through our inclusive nature and embracing our diversity and equity organizationally, that helps us to grow and be blended into one.

LAFCU’s DEI Mission Statement:
LAFCU nurtures an environment of respect; honoring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by celebrating the strengths of our humanity. We’re greater together when we’re equal.

Core Principles:

  • Humanity
  • Togetherness
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Compassion

We value, welcome, and celebrate everyone! We honor and learn from cultures that help us to understand and grow better together as one. It's through our inclusive nature and embracing our diversity and equity organizationally that we will continue to make our humanity shine.

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