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LAFCU recognizes the importance of educating our members on the best ways to manage and protect their finances. We hold a variety of seminars throughout the year teaching about different products and services we provide. We are also strong supporters in teaching students about smart ways to budget their money. Whether it's saving, preparing for the future or getting a fresh start, we are here to help you.

  • School Presentations: Helping teachers and students by educating smart ways to save/spend money.
  • Financial Reality Fairs at schools: Mock  scenario teaching students how to budget their money.
  • Preventing identity theft: Providing important resources and information to help keep member's information safe.
  • Understanding credit: Credit report; credit score.
  • Building credit: Loans using your savings as collateral.
  • Reestablishing credit: GreenPath Credit Counseling helps you develop a goal for managing your finances.
  • Home Buyers 101: Seminar for first time home buyers.
  • Retirement: Setting up retirement for your future.
  • Budgeting: Free Budget$mart Software is a free tool.
  • Recognizing predatory lending: High-cost, short term loans; payday loans.
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