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Digital Wallet

Digital wallet, or mobile wallet, is an electronic version of the physical wallet you carry. It stores your payment information, such as credit and debit cards. When you’re making a purchase, you can use your digital wallet to provide payment information instead of presenting a physical card.

It's simple, easy, and secure. Download one of the following apps to access your digital wallet using your LAFCU Debit Card or LAFCU Credit Card:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Garmin Pay
Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay

Why should you use Digital Wallet?

  • Make quick and easy contactless payments, there’s nothing to swipe or insert at the register
  • No worries about finding the right card in your wallet
  • Make a payment, even if you forgot your wallet!

How do I find stores that accept this type of payment?
Search within your digital wallet app to find locations near you or look for the contactless symbol at checkout.

If you have any questions, call us at 517-622-6600 or speak with a LAFCU representative through our online chat.

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