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In-School Credit Union

We are excited to provide students with the opportunity to learn how to take control of their money and financial future through our hands-on in-school branch program. One of the many objectives of the in-school branch is to have students learn useful real-life skills in a positive and safe environment. In-school accounts can be accessed at any LAFCU branch during our regulars business hours and during our scheduled in-school visits.

LAFCU will deposit the first $5.00 to open a new in-school youth account. Students will be able to make deposits to and minimal withdrawals from their accounts. The products we offer to students through the in-school program include: 

  • Savings Account
  • $50 Youth Certificate of Deposit
  • Mobile Banking
  • Remote Deposit
  • Debit Card

Account Applications

If you have questions, please contact:
Shelia Scott
Community Financial Education & Business Development Officer
In-School LAFCU Staff at Perry Schools
517-622-6600 ext. 6552

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