Michigan Artist Paint On LAFCU Letters

LAFCU Letter Art Exhibit

The LAFCU Art, Growth & Community Series is a traveling art exhibit combining the talents of 5 Michigan artists, Derek Allmendinger, Sam "Samskee" DeBourbon, Laura Gajewski, Jeremy Coats, and Brian Whitfield.
Through the expression of art, these 5 artists have showcased the possibilities when Art, Growth & Community come together as one.

Derek AllmendingerLetter: L
Artist: Derek Allmendinger
Style: Warhol Inspired
Materials: Acrylics
Derek Allmendinger’s letter “L” was inspired by his surroundings, or lack thereof. Allmendinger regularly visits LAFCU and looks at all its history throughout the branches. Allmendinger noticed LAFCU’s mascot, LAFF-E the Cow, doesn’t get much love and wanted to fix that. His piece depicts LAFF-E having a photo shoot. As Allmendinger put it, “We all know LAFF-E wouldn’t stand still for a photo shoot.” After viewing his piece, Allmendinger wants people to learn to let it go and have no fear.

Sam DeBourbonLetter: A
Artist: Sam “Samskee” DeBourbon
Style: Graffiti
Materials: Spray Paint

Sam “Samskee” DeBourbon’s letter “A” is influenced by his love for patterns and colors. Samskee says his piece embodies “happy color fusion – happy family”. While viewing his artwork, Samskee hopes people learn to just have fun. He believes art is therapy for himself and can be for others who don’t even realize it.


Laura GajewskiLetter: F
Artist: Laura Gajewski
Style: Mixed media
Materials: Spray Paint, Acrylics

Laura Gajewski’s letter “F” is influenced by vintage REO Flying Cloud advertisements from 1927 and 1929. These advertisements pictured many clouds which inspired Gajewski to create her own rendition. Gajewski hopes those viewing her piece see it as her best self.


Jeremy CoatsLetter: C
Artist: Jeremy Coats
Style: Surrealism
Materials: Acrylics

Jeremy Coats’ letter “C” is influenced by his interest in surrealism and hidden images. Coats incorporated the ideas of growth and community into his art. He wants people to be intrigued and feel some sense of mystery when viewing his piece.


Brian WhitfieldLetter: U
Artist: Brian Whitfield
Style: Cubism
Materials: Acrylics, Paint Markers

Brian Whitfield’s letter “U” is influenced by the letter itself. Whitfield saw the two sides of the “U” as the two different Lansings we know and love - Lansing the Capitol and Lansing our home. Whitfield creates art for himself but hopes people feel good when viewing it.