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Your Health Savings Can Help You When You Really Need It.

Health Savings Account (HSAs) are special savings plans that eligible individuals to receive tax advantages for saving qualified medical expenses. If you have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you may be eligible for an HSA.

HSA Benefits:
•    HSA contributions are tax deductible – whether made by you, your employer, or others on your behalf.
•    Earnings on your HSA are tax-deferred –and HSA assets used for qualified medical expenses are never taxed.
•    The funds in your HSA roll over from year to year – no need to worry about using the funds by year-end.

LAFCU makes it easy and convenient:
When you open an HSA at LAFCU, you have options. That means greater flexibility, easier access, and maximum convenience.
•    HSA Checking Account - No minimum balance; easy access by check or debit card.
•    HSA Savings Account - No minimum balance; access with debit or funds transfer to checking account.
•    HSA Money Market Account - No minimum balance requirement.
•    HSA Certificate - Choose from a variety of terms for maximum flexibility.

Our Experts Are Here to Help!

Not sure if an HSA is right for you? We'll walk you through the details, including eligibility and contribution guidelines, and help you weigh your options.

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