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It's easy to switch your checking account to LAFCU.
We can help you with the transition of changing your checking account from one financial business to LAFCU with our new SWITCH KIT.

Follow these simple SWITCH KIT steps:

  1. Open a LAFCU checking account.
    We offer Regular Checking and e-Checking.  Compare the two products and find the right checking for you. Click here to apply.

  2. Discontinue use of your checking account with the other financial institution.
    Make sure to balance your account and to keep enough funds available to clear outstanding checks, authorized withdrawals, and debit card transactions. Use the Reconcilement Form to determine your ending balance.

  3. Switch all direct deposits.
    Send a Direct Deposit Request Form to all payers that send direct deposit to your account (employer, social security, investment payments, etc.) to authorize them to redirect your direct deposit.

  4. Switch your automatic payments.
    Send an Automatic Payment Request Form to all companies that have authorized payments through your account (mortgage payments, insurances, utilities, loan payments, etc.). A form will be required to be sent to each company that you authorize for an automatic payment.

  5. Close your old account.
    Complete and send the Close Account Request Form to the old financial institution requesting they close your checking account. Verify that all checks have cleared and there is no activity on the account.

It's that simple.

If you have any questions or need assistance, call 517.622.6600 or stop by at any LAFCU office.