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Hi, I'm Money Max the Interactive Teller
LAFCU is the first financial institution in mid-Michigan to deploy Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs). These state-of-the-art teller machines are being used at most LAFCU branches to personalize remote banking by blending technology and human interaction.

ITMs offer two-way audio and video interaction with a teller located at a remote site. A teller
Drive-up and touch the screen to beginlocated at LAFCU’s West Lansing branch controls the machines at the other LAFCU locations. ITMs are currently available in the drive-thru at Charlotte, Corunna, DeWitt, Eaton Rapids, Mason, Owosso, South Lansing, and St. Johns offices. An ITM is available in the lobby of the South Lansing branch as well. LAFCU plans to continue to add new ITMs as it continues to increase the number of member service locations within its 11-county territory. 

“This technology allows LAFCU to offer enhanced services at existing locations and to expand to new locations utilizing best-in-class technology,” said Patrick Spyke, executive vice president of LAFCU. “The ITMs are proving to be an outstanding tool for our members and for LAFCU. Because the machines perform routine check imaging and cash-counting functions, the video-access tellers can focus solely
on responding to member needs.”

Spyke also said that this ITM technology is beginning to spread among financial institutions across North America. “As a member-owned organization, we focus on providing services to our members that are at the forefront of the industry,” he said.

Since LAFCU installed the ITMs, the credit union has seen a reduction in transaction time when ITM service is compared to drive-up teller/tube service. ITM manufacturer NCR Branch Transformation Solutions reports its devices reduce transaction time by 33 to 50 percent.

“Interactive teller machines are the future of banking,” said Ed Griffin, president of Informa Business Systems Inc., the Flushing, Mich., vendor that sells and services the NCR equipment in the state. “The technology enables a centralized teller to service customers at multiple locations. This gives financial institutions added capability to provide cost-effective personalized service. It also enables expansion beyond existing branch locations because the machine can exist as a freestanding unit alleviating the need for a costly brick-and-mortar branch location.

At present, LAFCU’s ITM machines have video tellers available during regular hours.