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Direct Dial Teller will be upgraded with new features to better serve you. Audio Banking, our audio response system, puts your money as close as the nearest phone. You can access your accounts by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no charge. Voice recognition allows you to answer prompts by voice to take care of banking with ease.

When calling you have the option to:
•    Check account balances
•    Transfer funds
•    Make payments
•    Check account history

To sign up, call the Audio Banking number below to create a PIN.
You’ll need your Social Security Number to get started.

You can access Audio Banking by calling 800.968.8145

Choose from the quick menu options below:
Account Balance
Transfer Funds
Make a Payment
Account History
Change your Pin

Press * to get back to main menu
Press 8* to turn on voice recognition
Press 9* to enter a different LAFCU account number
Press 0 to get transferred to Contact Center